£39 + £30 phlebotomy fee

Do you feel tired constantly?

Are you experiencing mood changes or having trouble sleeping?

If so, your body may be under too much stress. The cortisol test is a great way to check whether high levels of the stress hormone may be causing these symptoms.

When we are stressed, there is an increase in the release of cortisol, known as the fight or flight hormone. Cortisol is a hormone that helps your body break down fat and protein, stimulate glucose production in the liver (to help with energy), and regulate blood pressure by limiting inflammation. Therefore, cortisol affects energy and mood, and consistently high levels can cause anxiety.

  • You constantly feel run down
  • You are body-building competitively
  • You are presenting with symptoms of Cushing syndrome
  • You have Cushing syndrome
  • You are presenting with symptoms of Addison’s infection
  • You have Addison’s disease
  • You take or have been taking testosterone
We recommend that you do not engage in vigorous physical activity the day before collecting your sample as this can cause your cortisol levels to increase.