Wimbledon Park Travel Clinic is a community Pharmacy based clinic offering private travel and childrens vaccinations in London, that has served the local community for over 25 years. Our reputation thrives on our caring approach across all the services we offer. At Wimbledon Park Travel Clinic, whether you are an experienced traveller, first time traveller, or simply going abroad on a business trip, you will be guaranteed to receive professional advice from one of our expert pharmacists.

We have everything you could possibly need for your safe trip abroad including cheap travel vaccinations, malaria tablets, travel accessories, and up to date information and health advice.

All the advice given by Wimbledon Park Travel Clinic is tailored to suit your individual journey, and based on an individual risk assessment which takes into consideration any pre-existing medical conditions, ongoing treatments, along with your travel itinerary.

Why visit us?

We’re here for you and your Travel and Medical needs

At Wimbledon Park Travel Clinic, we offer a comprehensive travel health service for all our clients, and offer travel vaccinations, travel accessories, and advice on travel related health issues at competitive prices.

We offer a detailed pre travel health assessment prior to the consultation. This is to primarily ensure that there are no known contra-indications to the travel vaccines that we may administer, or anti-malarial treatment that we prescribe. This also helps us determine any other travel health risks which may be associated with the clients itinerary.

Last minute travellers can usually be accommodated, and same day appointments are frequently available, although an appointment is not always necessary. Why miss out on your travel vaccination or advice just because your GP or practice nurse can’t fit you in!

Why use our services?

Most travellers are aware that they need to immunise themselves against ailments found abroad, but who can you trust to give you the correct advice? Your holiday representative, your travel agent? Their main concern is to provide you with a great holiday destination, not provide travel health advice. Your GP or Practice nurse will offer you advice upon booking an appointment, only when available.

The Benefits of Wimbledon Park Travel Clinic

  • FREE* Travel consultation including advice and information tailored to suit your individual requirements
  • NO Appointments required
  • A Pharmacist is ALWAYS available
  • Specialist Travel Health Pharmacists
  • Competitively priced travel vaccinations, medication and accessories
  • Provision of prescription only anti-malarials and antibiotics
  • Prescriptions for regular medications you need during your trip